Title: Origami. Biżuteria na co dzień.
(Every day jewellery)
Halina Rościszewska-Narloch
Irena Janas

Translation correction: Marcin Śmigielski
Format: B5, paperback
Pages: 92 (40 black-and-white, 52 color)
ISBN: 978-83-937890-1-6
Publisher: ZW P. Rościszewski
Published: 2013 (December), Gliwice
Language: English / Polish


This book presents and describes the jewelry made using origami techniques.
The first section describes the symbols used in the diagrams, the standard bases, how to prepare a regular hexagon, the materials used in the proposed jewelry, ways to connect with each individual jewelry elements. We recommend you to read the instructions for the topics presented in these parts of the book. This makes it easier for later creation of one’s own jewelry.
The second part of the book shows diagrams for origami models, which are used in the proposed jewelry. All diagrams are sketched step by step. Their clarity is presented through special symbols, because this language is universal and global. Level of difficulty is varied, ranging from very simple models (crane, fan) to requiring more skill (tessellation, twirl).
The third part of the book shows how to make jewelry using previously described origami models. For each model there are shown the necessary materials and instructions. The photo instructions should also be helpful for many people.
The last part it is the gallery. It presents only pictures of models without further steps of implementation. This aims to encourage creativity and to use one’s own ideas.

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