Title: Origami. Day and Night Tesselation.
Author: Halina Rościszewska-Narloch

Translation correction: Marcin Śmigielski
Format: A5, paperback
Pages: 32
ISBN: 978-83-937890-2-3
Publisher: ZW P. Rościszewski
Published: 2014 (April), Gliwice
Language: English / Polish


This is the seventh booklet in the tessellation series. It represents one of the few of my tessellation which is two-sided - on the one side you can see the sunshine, on the other the stars, hence the name "Day and Night". The steps to follow are not too difficult, but they do take a lot of time. It takes several hours to make the entire tessellation. Of course you can leave it finished at any stage that you like. It is best to fold it out of a harder paper, for example metalized, cut out from an A3 paper cropped to a hexagon (optimally A2).

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